I was born in Blue Island, Illinois, in 1979, and am an academic librarian, writer, and photographer living in Chicago. My work as a librarian is focussed on issues of digital literacy, archives, access, and ethics, particularly in the humanities and for cultural heritage materials. As a writer, I work in poetry, memoir, theory, and criticism, paying close attention to art, grief, race, and memory. I also speak through, and listen to, photography.

Here is a portrait of me by friend and photographer Sara Murphy. The image at the edges of this website is a glimpse of a piece by Jennifer Packer, an artist I greatly admire and whose yellows remind me of my deceased wife, Pam. I am not on any social media except for Instagram and have an anxious habit of abadoning personal websites, but perhaps this one will be around for a while. If you’d like, I can be found at my first and last name at gmail.com.